The Ract Pack

From Great Britain, we get a surprising voice that emulates those of the great artists of crooner music, from the fifties to the present, from Frank Sinatra to Michael Bublé. A great show, a great showman accompanied by two charming dancers.

The New Jersey Boys

From Great Britain comes this magnificent formation that pays tribute to the great boy bands of history. From the decades-long successes of the Frankie Vallie & amp; The Four Seasons, The Jersey Boys, The Overtones to the most recent One Direction, Take That, Bacsktreet […]

The Blues Brothers

A fun and interactive trip through the music of The Blues Brothers and also soul tracks by the Irish group, The Commitments.
A very festive show with music like Everybody, Sweet Home Chicago, Gimme Some Lovin ‘, Do you love me …

Gipsy y Rumba Kings, Gipsy Kings Tribute

Magnífico tributo a Gipsy Kings. Esta formación plasma el más puro estilo de la rumba y el arte flamenco, con un toque divertido y desenfadado en sus actuaciones. Un repertorio completo, donde versionan todo tipo de
canciones en tiempo de rumba, todo con un carácter […]

Thank The Music ABBA Tribute

From Britain. A true tribute to the full. Not only is it a show with impressive voices, lots of energy and excellent choreography, but participation with the public and the format in which this show is presented are the key to its success.

Tina Turner & Whitney Houston Tribute

Great tribute with all the themes of the greatest diva of all time, Tina Turner and other divas, impressive choreography, colorful costumes, by the hand of a great voice, coming from South Africa.

Black Legends Tribute

Con Black Legends Tribute daremos un paseo por las grandes leyendas de la música de ayer y de hoy: desde Gloria Gaynor, Tina Turner, Donna Summer, Nina Simone, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight hasta las más actuales como Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Adele… Un espectáculo […]

Amy Winehouse & Divas Show

Magnificent voice, arrival from Scotland, impeccable staging. This show will delight all kinds of audiences with the interpretation of a great diva.

Variety Duet

R&B, soul, jazz, funk, soft rock, géneros que reune Sade, y el inconfundible estilo del gran Mike Olfield en este doble tributo que nos brinda Variety Duet. Elegancia y profesionalidad se unen para mostrarnos un homenaje, sin duda único.

Tom Jones Tribute

With charm, sympathy, rhythm and a great voice, Vic Lawrence offers a magnificent tribute to the great Tom Jones. Always music that will delight all audiences.
1 pax – 2 x 45 minutes